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Rebound for Health



A Healthy Back

Many experts consider the Bellicon to be an excellent training device to relieve your discs and strengthen your back.

A Pain in the Back



Back pain is an unpleasant thing. 30% of all Americans suffer from back pain.  And it could be so easy: By strengthening the discs and invigorating the back muscles we could go through life so much more relaxed.






Discs are the buffers between the individual vertebrae - and they have a lot to deal with, such as shocks of several tons of force or lopsided posture of the upper body. This can lead to dents in the discs and cause them to push on nerves along the spine – which is extremely painful.

The discs are composed of 90% water, and they resemble a tough sponge. They can only be nourished by gentle pressure. This way they keep their flexibility and elasticity.

With the extremely gentle training on the Bellicon the discs are softly compressed and then released with every bounce. On the highly elastic Bellicon the peak load to the discs is only half the strain of normal jogging.



Back Musculature:    





‘A good-looking back can also attract’: This phrase derived from German folklore does not just refer to the visual aspects of a strong back. A strongly defined, well working back musculature prevents pain, because the load is distributed evenly on the entire back. Particularly the lumbar muscles take over a special task:They keep vertebrae and discs in alignment.

When bouncing on the Bellicon the back muscles get toned. The constant up and down movement of the body on a soft mat make the muscle cells contract and release continuously. This has a double-impact on the back muscles: on the one hand, the back muscles – like all muscles – get a workout through an active metabolism. The tension and relaxation on the other hand works positively like a massage. Tense muscles are being relaxed by the permanent change of gravity. This can be an absolute benefit for pain-ridden back patients.

Bottom Line: Bouncing on the Bellicon trampoline is a very good measure to efficiently supply the discs with liquid and to strengthen the back muscles. Discs can reload ideally and at least partially regain their lost elasticity. The biggest benefit is that due to the gentle impact while bouncing there won’t be any muscle strains. People suffering from back pain experience bouncing as a relaxing, pain relieving workout.



Lymphatic Drainage on the Bellicon


When you are bouncing on the Bellicon, all of your muscles react to the continuous change of gravity. Every time you slow down on the spring mat, all your muscles tense mechanically. On the summit of the bouncing curve, you are practically weightless and your muscles will relax completely. This repeats with every swing, and the average user gets about 90 tension and relaxation phases per minute.

This happens by tensing and relaxing the Muscles in your Body:


For one thing, it stimulates the detoxification of each cell. During the tension phase, toxins and waste, which are always generated during metabolism, are being pressed out of the cell. During the relaxation phase, the cell virtually sucks up new nutrients, which improves the supply.

Acceleration of the lymphatic cycle
On the other hand the tension and relaxation phases in the musculature are transporting lymph – as well as blood – a little further each time. The valves make sure, that lymph is always pushed in the same direction. Apart from draining the lymph faster, this also leads to accelerated detoxification of the body and improved purging of waste from the body. Incidentally, this is also a very positive aspect in regards to allergies.

Bottom Line :
Thus bouncing on the Bellicon has the double benefit of speeding up the lymph-flow, or even getting it flowing again in case of lymph-congestion. Training on the trampoline is not only excellent motion and fitness training, but it also eliminates the manual lymphatic drainage by a massage therapist. In addition it can even drain lymph liquid, when manual lymphatic drainage is not even possible anymore, because the lymph channels are too deep inside or because the lymph congestion is too advanced.




Prevention or Stopping Osteoporosis

An anti-gravitational workout is essential for strong bones. This is the best way to impress bone-hardening materials into the bone. The continual up and down makes your body work with every bounce against gravity.  It is not exhausting, but highly effective.  Your muscles slow you down gently and the bones experience just the right amount of stimulation not to de-calcify.  A clinical study in Germany proofed that 12-weeks of training with the Bellicon can largely stop the progression of osteoporosis.  




Background of Osteoporosis:


Osteoporosis leads to a lesser bone density and increases the risk of bone fractures. Actual studies show that physical anti-gravitational activity helps the affected patients to regain their mobility and lessen the risk of bone fractures. Only the effects of gravity stimulate the local bone metabolism and build more calcium into the bones. This is the opposite effect of what astronauts experience in space.


The Problem of Astronauts

Space travel has made it widely known that a stay outside the atmosphere – and thus outside the earth’s gravitational influence – disturbs the metabolism irreparably: the human body does not need any hard bones in zero-gravity, which leads to decalcification. A four year study of the 'International Space Station' showed that the bones of astronauts  did not regenerate after even one year past their return to earth.



Anti-gravitational Training is the Key

Minitrampolines are a graphic example for the interaction of gravity and inert force. When slowing down on the mat, the resulting negative acceleration works in addition to the gravity of the earth as accelerating force. While slowing down the body experiences a considerably larger amount of pull than with other work-outs. It reacts with an increased deposit of calcium. The bones are stabilized, osteoporosis decreased.




Train your supportive muscles and protect against falls

Bouncing on the trampoline is simultaneously highly efficient and eccentric muscle training. As you slow down the muscles are tightened every time, while it relaxes completely during the upper part of the bouncing curve. This strengthens the supportive muscles and improves their functionality.


Improved coordination (and defies black ice):

On top of this, the constant balance improves coordination significantly. There is hardly any better fall-prevention than a trained and fast reacting muscle structure. 


Bouncing on a Trampoline works triple-positive

Bouncing on the Bellicon mini-trampoline is a highly efficient and threefold way to prevent bone fractures. It is important to pay attention to a highly elastic suspension with rubbercord-rings. The more elasticity there is in the suspension, the longer the braking distance and the associated increased effect of gravity. In contrast to traditional trampolines with steel-suspensions, the braking distance on a Bellicon is almost twice as long. At the same time, the stress on the joints and discs is drastically reduced due to the soft braking. You will have a more efficient, but much gentler workout.


Prevention is Trump

Today we know that an inclination to osteoporosis is determined in youth. Bone mass is built up in the first 30 years of life. The better the nutrition and the more exercise you have in these years, the denser and stronger your bones will be. And the more mass was built up in early years, the longer the bones will hold.


Children have a tendency to run, romp and skip and they have a lot of fun jumping on the Bellicon. Since the trampoline provides a particularly efficient training in regards to bone density, it is the perfect option to set the course in Kindergarten, so that osteoporosis won’t become a problem later.



Bottom Line:

You can experience an anti-gravitational workout on the highly elastic Bellicon trampoline. The triggered metabolism activity makes bones hard and elastic. This can be utilized by patients as well as prevent younger people from ever having osteoporosis, and it is a lot of fun!